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A Love From Outer Space

From modest basement beginnings, Andrew Weatherall & Sean Johnston's A Love from Outer Space has risen to become one of the underground's best loved successes of recent years. Built on the manifesto of "Never knowingly exceeding 122bpm", the pair have espoused a slow burning and measured style of delivery that had long been out of favour in the new-fangled discotheque.

Embracing a musical cannon which far out-scales the myopic genre concerns of their contemporaries, that takes in ambient, dub, post-punk, disco, house, techno and new beat whilst keeping a firm eye on modern developments has won them a sizeable and doggedly loyal following.

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Mi 08.07.


DC SHOES proudly presents - in collaboration with BRIGHT and LODOWN MAGAZINE: SMOKE ON THE WATER.
It's the official Bright opening on July 8th, where the good times begin at 5pm already!

First of all there's the DC Skate Session. From 5pm to 11pm, the legendary open air venue ELSE will be turned into a skate park, including performances by Wes Kremer, Mikey Taylor and many others


The after-show party isn’t, all you need to do to find your name on the guestlist for the after-show party at Renate is to send a mail with your full name to until July 7th, 11:59am.

  • + Best Trick Contest presented by SKATEDELUXE
  • + a Hip Hop BBQ featuring DJ Premier, Freddie Gibb
  • + local support from Alex Gallus
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Mi 08.07.



DC SHOES proudly presents - in collaboration with BRIGHT and LODOWN MAGAZINE: SMOKE ON THE WATER.

Starting from 10pm, things will heat up at RENATE with exclusive DJ sets from Adam Freeland, Jono Ma (from Australia’s psych-dance-pop sensation Jagwar Ma), Berlin's Keinemusik crew as well as some dirty disco from Hugo Capablanca.

All you need to do to find your name on the guestlist for the after-show party at Renate is to send a mail with your full name to until July 7th, 11:59am.

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Do 09.07.

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Kompakt Open Air

Zweifelsohne freuen wir uns über den Strom von fantastischen Künstlern, die uns jetzt bereits im dritten Jahr beehren. Diesmal jedoch ganz besonders über allerbeste Gesellschaft. Es kommen die Freunde der kompakt’schen Delegation aus Köln zu Besuch. Mit dabei die Labelkoryphäen Michael Mayer und Reinhard Voigt (letzterer als Live-Act), Dauwd, Flexonaut und Dave DK. Ihr könnt euch vorstellen was da passiert. Klingeln, klüngeln, tanzen. Seit Jahren waren sie in Berlin nicht mehr Open Air unterwegs, aber heute und zwar in unserm Viertl: Entré!

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Pokerflat - Open Air

The Big Bluff continues...

The Big Bluff already stopped by in London, Paris, Amsterdam, Tokyo and Zürich. Now we're happy to announce another Poker Flat event: The Big Bluff goes Berlin!

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Do 23.07.



QUER is La Fraicheur's new baby, here's how to take care of it: the party is called Quer (as in german for diagonal) because transversality is a necessity

► it's a queer party but not only, it's meant to be inclusive and welcome the great straight allies of our lives, whether they are musicans, djs or public. let's just be all cute and dance together and make out beyond gender and orientation with our respectful loved ones.

► it is highly important that every single party has at least one other female artist to the line up, on top of La Fraicheur as resident. the party is a safe and empowering place for talented female DJs.

► finally, it's about showcasing and giving another home to our beloved Berlin queer scene but whenever possible, link circles and welcome people from paris, ljubljana or manchester. it feels like queer scenes are always stuck to local scenes. let's take those borders down.

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Onkel Toms

Die Bude im Renate Garten

Im Sommer und bei gutem Wetter ist zusätzlich unser schöner Lustgarten samt Onkel Toms Hütte geöffnet. Ein entspannt grünes Kleinod eingangs der Stralauer Halbinsel.

Renate Ihre

Hier kannst Du Dich an unseren heimeligen Kaminen und einer Tasse Kamillentee erwärmen oder vom Barkeeper mit einer Flasche Wodka übergießen lassen.


Freitag und Samstag
ab 23:55

Radio Renate


    01 » Wareika - La Paloma «

    Vinyl. 12"
    Released: 21 Apr 2011

    Auf Matrosen, ole! Renate Schallplatten kicks off with a great EP of Wareika with remixes by dOP and Acid Pauli. Wareikas Original is a remake of an old german sailor song which is perfectly interpreted by the three guys from hamburg. Acid Paulis Mountain Girl Remix has a more cluby appeal but still keeps the vibe of the original. The crazy boys of dOP totally flip all parts of the original into a new wave-eurodance-timetravel journey. Early support and heavy plays by Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Jack Sparrow and all other big balled mainplayers of the westfalen tekkno scene..

    02 Samanta Fox & Snuffo "Klaus You" EP

    Vinyl. 12" & digital
    Released: 14 Oct 2013

    On a dark and stormy night deep in the seedy underbelly of Berlin, Samanta Fox was walking the streets alone looking for something to ease her hunger for adventure. She met a boy named Klaus who brought her to an old building full of strange people with shifty eyes who were rhythmically dancing and shaking their heads to a steady and powerful beat. These oddly dressed people all worshiped a god-like being who they all called Renate. In the midst of the crowd Samanta bumped into a man, a strong man who went by the name of Snuffo. He took her to a room full of smoke and broken televisions to show her something exciting. She said, "What is this?" Snuffo whispered to the fox, "Girl, this is acid."

    03 Sebastian Voigt
    Out Of Sight EP

    Vinyl. 12" & digital
    Released: 30 Mai 2014

    Sebastian Voigt, cult leader of Lokee Musik and resident record slinger of the illustrious Salon - Zur wilden Renate presents a four track EP on Renate Schallplatten. The release includes two original tracks featuring different vocalists, plus remixes by Permanent Vacation and Good Guy Mikesh. All tracks were produced, tested and approved in Berlin's favourite madhouse, Wilde Renate. Enjoy...

    Renate Podcast


    "Unsere Schule in Mae Wah Kee - Burma/Myanmar"

    Das Dorf Mae Wah Kee in Burma/Myanmar wurde von Binnenvertriebenen gegründet und liegt im Myawaddy District, nicht weit von der thailändischen Grenze. Die DorfbewohnerInnen eröffneten 2005 eine kleine Schule, die sie aber bald nicht mehr alleine finanzieren konnten. Nach den Kämpfen zwischen der Regierung und bewaffneten Gruppen im November 2010 fanden hier auch mehrere Familien aus den Nachbardörfern Zuflucht, und so gibt es heute 130 SchülerInnen im Alter von 3 bis 14 Jahren, die von 6 LehrerInnen unterrichtet werden. Der Salon - Zur wilden Renate finanziert den Schulbetrieb und ermöglichte 2012 auch den Bau eines neuen Kindergartens. Mit Monitoring und Controlling vor Ort kennen sich andere besser aus als wir, darum kümmern sich das Burma Projekt Berlin sowie vor Ort das Good Friends Center in Mae Sot (Thailand)."

    Zur wilden Renate [MS Renate 2012 - Offical]

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