We would like to start by sharing that an official and sincere apology on behalf of the club, its new management and the entire team was sent to our former employee, who was a victim of racist abuse during the time in which he worked in Salon zur wilden Renate. No one should tolerate discriminatory behavior in the workplace, in private communications or anywhere else.
The events took place between January 2019 and June 2019 between three persons who were employed by Salon zur wilden Renate at the time. During that period, two former employees of the club made several racist and discriminatory comments against the person concerned in the course of professional as well as private communication between the then friends.
Since then, extensive personnel consequences were drawn and structural changes were executed. All persons involved, including the club’s management, no longer work for Salon zur wilden Renate.
In the context of the intensive investigation of the incidents by the new management it has become evident that already in the summer of 2018 there were racist and discriminatory remarks in a private communication between another former employee against the affected person, which we strongly condemn. When this was brought to the attention of the former management, it was not handled well and the affected person rightfully felt that he was not taken seriously. We acknowledge this mistake, regret it deeply and do not see it as representing the new direction we started in Salon zur wilden Renate.
From its very first day of establishment and up to now, Salon zur wilden Renate was and is a welcoming home to staff, guests and events of all backgrounds - a space that enabled the creation and development of an open minded and free spirited culture. A place of such nature cannot harbor nationalism, racism, sexism, homophobia or discrimination of any kind.
Creating this safe environment, free of any discriminatory behaviour, was therefore always on top of all priorities in the Renate family. We promise to use this opportunity in order to learn from past mistakes and to meet what is rightfully expected of us.