Dear family, friends and guests,

On September 12th, 2021, our first solidarity event will take place in cooperation with the human rights organization All Out. We don’t only want to bring the social value of cultural locations such as Renate closer to the public, we also want to inform the public about the massive setbacks the queer community has to suffer.

In the heart of Europe, right on our doorstep and under the eyes of the European Union, human rights are being trampled on.

The Polish government, led by Andrzej Duda (PIS), is leading a nationwide hate campaign against the Polish LGBTQIA + community together with Konfederacia politicians and the Catholic Church. This clearly Machiavellian attack (divide and rule) on the Polish LGBTQIA+ minority on the part of the political and clerical elite of Poland specifically sows fear and hatred against all people whose life plans do not correspond to the supposed “norm.” Aggression and physical attacks on LGBTQIA+ people are not only tolerated, but are actively promoted – all at the highest state level.  They even equate LGBTQIA+ with pedophiles in order to stir up fear and hatred. The obvious goal of such condemnable, demagogic missteps is the dehumanization of a minority. Those who stand up for LGBTQIA+ rights or are visible as LGBTQIA+ within Polish society have come to expect criminal prosecution, personal attacks, and violence.To see what follows when politicians use this unscrupulous instrument, it is enough to take a look at the history books and the streets of Poland in 2020/21.

At the moment countless LGBTQIA + activists who bravely stand up to these misanthropic policies are fighting for their existence, which is threatened by criminal trials and associated high fines intended to silence them.

For this purpose we want to collect donations and raise public awareness through panels and information stands.