We are exited to welcome the artists of Overmorrow back to Renate Garten this summer - with stunning performances in a sparkling atmosphere every weekend. Overmorrow is an art collective founded in 2020, especially to support artists with roots in Berlin`s subculture.
Especially artists who are not part of the mainstream are struggling with the pandemic. These artists have been the fertile ground of Berlin`s cultural landscape for decades, making Berlin the diverse, unique and attractive place it is today.
Many artists in the subculture scene have come to Berlin from all over the world to live freely and work without oppression.
Since they are mostly passed over government funding programs, they rely on projects like Renate Show Garten or Overmorrow to make at least a little money and be seen and heard.
An artist without a stage is an artists without a voice. And a silent artist is excluded from social discourse.
In any free democratic society, artists are as important as free press.