At Renate and Else, we believe club culture should not reproduce the discriminating structures of our society, but instead create an environment to counter and combat them. 

Our team consists of 100+ people who share a strong desire to ensure mistakes of the past are not repeated. We are therefore committed to the ongoing process of assessing and improving structures within our operations which have previously caused harm. This undertaking has required intensive and at times highly personal internal discussions, but we have now reached a point where we’d like to offer the public an update on our progress and outlook. 

We aspire to see this ongoing process of (re-)education and awareness reflected at all levels of our operations. At the top, our management and partner structure have fully changed as of August 2020. This includes the arrival of two new owners who share a commitment to building transparent and inclusive structures. The individuals involved in the racist incidents which took place in 2019 are no longer involved in our activities.

In an effort to foster a culture of learning and unlearning within all departments, our team has attended workshops on anti-racism and anti-discrimination led by 7xjung.

A dedicated Awareness Management team has developed guidelines for responding to abusive and discriminatory behavior, and acts as a first point of contact for both guests and staff in this regard. They oversee policy planning which is centered around inclusivity and intersectionality, and meet regularly with the club’s owners to hold them accountable for the implementation of all planned changes. Specialized awareness training for security and door staff has also taken place, including guidance on best practices for responding to sexual harassment and drug overdose. A conscious re-staffing of the door team has been initiated in order to diversify. 

Our booking team recognizes the power and privilege inherent in the task of curating lineups, and they aspire to put forward programming which reflects the diversity of the contemporary club scene.

The immersive theatre project Overmorrow, a collaboration with our partners Bad Bruises and Trash Era, provided a paid platform for 140+ performers in 2020, and this year’s shows in the Renate Garten have provided opportunities to an additional 80+ performers (and counting) – all in a time when many are under-employed as a consequence of the pandemic.

This list is by no means exhaustive. It represents a portion of the work we have undertaken thus far, in a process that is ongoing. A lot of voices within our team have needed to be heard and considered, and without ready-made solutions to this approach, it does take time. We thank those of you who have raised concern over our lack of transparency. However, our ambition has always been to sustain Renate and Else as places for acceptance and diversity, and this is the tradition we intend to carry forward. We strive to protect the club as a free space, where everyone feels safe, respected, and welcomed.

If you would like to find out more about our awareness work and the steps we’re taking to ensure safer clubbing, you’ve had experiences in our clubs you would like us to know about, or to share feedback, please reach out to our team: